UV2014 Call for Papers

The 2nd International Conference on Universal Village (UV2014)
June 16-17th, 2014        MIT. USA


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Universal Village (UV) is a desired future society which protects environment and ecology and addresses human needs in order to provide its residents with sustainable happiness. It is an expanded and advanced version of Smart Cities. International Conference on Universal Village is organized by MIT Universal Village Program to stimulate collaborations among companies, governments, and universities, to explore various aspects of UV such as technical, humanity, social, economical, and political perspectives, etc. The first conference was held in Beijing, P.R.China in 2013. We are now calling for papers for UV2014. Subjects for UV2014 include but are not limited to the following topics.

  • Develop systematic methodologies for improving the quality of life by advancing UV technologies and its major subsystems, understanding and coordinating the dynamics among UV subsystems
  • Address  the suitable paths of design, development, implementation, engineering  and integration appropriate for different countries and regions.
  • Explore how to benefit governments, companies, and universities on specific topics as well as practical solutions related to the Universal Village.


Subsystems & Applications


Subsystems of the Universal Village
  • Intelligent Environment, Intelligent Transportation, etc.
  • Smart Healthcare, Smart Nursing, etc.
  • Intelligent Energy Management & Environment Protection, Sustainable energy, etc.

Intelligent adaptation based on human activities, health status, and weather conditions for buildings, community, or environment


Hierarchical Layers & Components

Infrastructure Layer
  • Intelligent sensor & communication network
  • Cloud and mobile computing
  • Event-driven data compression & storage

Informational Layer
  • Multi-platform information retrieval & visualization, data sharing & data integration, data fusion & data mining (across TV net, mobile net, Internet)
  • Smart response systems for emergency and accidents


System Integration & Implementation

Technical: Interaction and Integration of Subsystems
  • Interaction & mutual impact among subsystems
  • Interaction & mutual impact between the whole system and its subsystems. Dynamic impact of subsystem implementation
  • Integration of subsystems and the design of the whole system
  • System designs such as interdisciplinary system design, top down design, synergy among sub-systems, common platform, total system concept, Large complex system theories, etc.


Human & Social Factors

Social & Regional Factors and Future Directions
  • Impact of regional, cultural, and political factors on the system design
  • Impact on life style, economics, ecology, and future society
  • Inter-entity & international collaboration, such as, diverse collaboration among companies, governments, and universities
  • Future research directions based on the demand of the whole system


List of Sessions for Online Submission:


Categories Session# Sessions
UV Energy A-I Environmentally friendly new integrated energy: solar power, bio energy, etc.
UV Energy A-II Supergrid
UV Energy A-III Wireless-Power-Transfer (WPT) Electric Vehicle and future cities
UV Material B-I Environmentally friendly pesticides/fertilizers/etc. without chemical contamination
UV Material B-II Environmentally friendly resolvable utensils/tools/etc.
UV Environment C-I New technologies for waste & trash management 
UV Environment C-II New technologies for pollution monitoring
New life style D-I The trend of UV life style, UV technologies and urban planning
New life style D-II Human-centered UV transportation: the changing trends, impact factors and emerging new technologies
New life style D-III New efficiency technologies to enhance mobility and transportation
New life style D-IV New safety technologies to reduce traffic accidents and to protect UV residents
New life style E-I Personalized UV healthcare: the changing trends, impact factors and emerging new technologies
New life style E-II Public health for Universal Village: the changing trends, impact factors and emerging new technologies
New life style E-III Senior care
New life style E-IV Assistive technology for mobility-challenged UV residents
New life style E-V Pervasive & non-intrusive health-monitoring for UV residents
New life style F-I Robotics for Universal Village
New life style F-II UV platform: seamless wireless network for Universal Village
New life style F-III UV platform: data collection, analysis & utilization for Universal Village
New life style F-IV UV platform: human-centered computing  
New life style F-V UV platform: future social media and information channel for UV residents
New life style F-VI Lift-time education: how UV residents gain new knowledge
New life style G-I New agriculture for Universal Village
New life style G-II Technologies to encourage humans to develop environmentally-friendly behaviors
New life style G-III Impact of urbanization on city development and new residents 
New life style G-IV Entrepreneurship and new investment for new UV technologies
New life style G-V Smooth transition to Universal Village: collective effort from all residents
New life style G-VI Universal Village and Future Art & Music
Integrated solutions H-I Privacy & culture concern for future Universal Village: the changing trends, impact factors and relevant technologies
Integrated solutions H-II New safety & security concerns for future Universal Village: the changing trends, impact factors and relevant technologies
Integrated solutions H-III City science
Integrated solutions H-IV Resilience in the face of global climate change & incidents: urgent response systems for Universal Village 
Others I  





Authors can submit SHORT PAPERS (within 4 pages) or REGULAR PAPERS (5-6 pages) in IEEE format [Template].

Please follow the instruction for online paper submission.


If you have difficulites in online submission, you can send your paper directly to [email protected] and mention the categories and sessions for your paper in your subject line.




Deadline for paper submission

April 30, 2014(*)

Notification of paper acceptance

May 01, 2014(*)

(*) New date.



Papers that have been accepted and presented will be included into the IEEE Conference Proceedings sponsored by the IEEE ITSS. Authors of accepted papers (or at least one of the authors) are expected to register in full and present their work at the conference.


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