Welcome to UV2014


 We are proud to invite you to attend the International Conference on Universal Village (UV2014) that will be held on June 16-17, 2014 at MIT.


Newly proposed by MIT, Universal Village exemplifies a desired future society that pursues human-nature harmony through the wise use of technologies. The concept is an expanded & advanced version of Smart Cities and signifies that we should follow the law of universe, protect environment/eco-system, understand humans' need in depth, and innovate new lifestyles. UV2014 calls for collective effort from multi-disciplinary fields in order to find a systematic, coordinated, long-term solution for environmental challenges, and innovative technologies to create sustainable happiness to residents of the society.  UV2014 will convey the following themes and special sessions to explore different aspects of future technologies life, including 1) Green energy sources, 2) New technologies for environmental protection, 3) Innovative technologies that support new life styles on remote nursing, remote healthcare, intelligent transportation, city management, remote education, etc. 4) Integrated solutions on urgent challenges on safety, security, privacy, climate changes, etc.


We would be extremely grateful if you would share your great vision at UV2014. We sincerely hope that you will accept this invitation. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected]. Thank you very much for your kind consideration.


Sincerely yours,


UV2014 Organization Committee


[download PDF version of Invitation Letter for Visa application.   UV2014_Invitation&CFP.pdf  ]